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Enter the Toad

The Toadstool has entered the building.

This is mostly a place to toss out random thoughts and keep in touch with friends and family.

But feel free to hop on in.



Hey - did you redo this website or what it looks dope!!


I replaced the old can find the old site at

The new stuff is based on geeklog (see the lower right portion of the screen for the link). But I gutted it and modified it for my own purposes. I'm still in that process.

Jeff? Schmitz?


yeah Jeff Schmitz, remember me? hey man I have a question about lyx. When I am configuring for Red Hat
it tells me that I need the xforms library installed. I install xforms using the rpmfind command and when I do a
rpm qa | grep xforms it shows that it is installed. When I get my compile on again it does not see it??? The problem is that in the docs it does not say where it should be installed to and when using rpm it does not show you where it put it?!?!? Is this the way that you are going to communicate on your travels??? Very cool!!
see you at the Halloween gig! We are stoked that it is
so close to our house!!


Are you compiling it from scratch, or trying
to install the package?

If you are compiling, make sure to remove the
config.cache file and run 'configure' again;
otherwise it will use the old values from
when xforms was not installed.

When in doubt, always 'make clean; rm
config.cache; ./configure; make'

If it's a package install that's bombing,
then there is no telling.


this was the problem:

Configure will seemingly fail to find xpm.h and forms.h on linux if you did a 'make mrproper' in the kernel directory, because this removes some symbolic links that are needed for compilation. A 'make
symlinks' in linux kernel sources fixes that.

I hear John Johnson is on the hatchet team now.
Thanks for your help dude!

I didn't know you were trying a kernel compile.

After "make mrproper", you need to "make menuconfig"; that process will set up the links in question.


P.S. JJ on the Hatchet -- boy, I feel safe that he's looking out for our interests. Screw him. That's why I contract.

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