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Dez: Mobile Home SURVIVOR?

The following note just came in from my friend Gary...apparently he's going to be in a Survivor knockoff for a few days in a mobile home (hah hah!) at the Alabama International Auto Show from November 9-12. Update, Fri Nov 10: He appears to have either been voted off or bailed already. Unsure which.

Hey Everyone, This might seem a little strange but I entered a contest held in Birmingham. Thanks to my good friend Martha I was choosen to be a finalist. Appearently its along the same lines as the tv show Survivors (that I've never watched but heard about) in a RV with 9 or so others for four days. I only hope my feet will drive them out one by one. There will be a web-cam located on Alabama Live's website (http://www.al.com/survivorcam/) and the contestants will be voted off the RV over time. Voting is done on the website. So let your friends, family, stangers, etc know. Gary


I've been in a mobile home with Gary for five days straight before. It aint pretty. I even had the benefit of leaving the mobile home at any time to hit the beach or a bar. Matt, we need to get a cam going on the next Florida trip. We can let everybody vote us out depending on the number of funny anecdotes told about the trip during a given period of time. :P


Well, how did it go? Gary seems to be toward the bottom of the stack of images. Was he voted off early or late? Did he set up a capture program grabbing images off the live cam?

I talked to Dez over Thanksgiving, and he said he bailed. In his opinion, the contest was rigged and they were not even taking the internet votes into account.

He did say the nice looking girl was one of the cooler participants (married, though).


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