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The Time is Nigh

The date of my departure is rapidly approaching. Beginning January 18th, I will be travelling around the world for a year, finally fulfilling a promise I made to myself all the way back in '92.

I will be posting stories of my adventures here on the Toadstool from time to time. If I regularly correspond with you via email, you will likely be hearing from me regarding email notification of these updates.

I have also added the flight deck section, which will show the major segments of my scheduled flights, updated daily so as to reflect cancellations and routing changes.

In the spirit of travelling, I have swapped out the quotes database for the time being so that it will serve up quotes I found to be particularly fitting for the travel mood.

I am excited, apprehensive, thrilled, and scared, all at once. I can't wait.



Hey Matt... I recently came back from a five week trip through Asia and the South Pacific... you'll love it. Let me know when you get to Europe... I spent a couple of months there in the last two years hosteling, and had a blast as well!

Peace... and good luck.


Long time no hear!

You will pretty much be able to check my whereabouts by looking on the site. Europe is still pretty nebulous at this point, but I will know more within a couple of months.

I read some of your trip transcripts -- sounded like a blast. I may have to crawl through some of those tunnels in Vietnam myself.


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