November 30, 2000

Hunter S. Thompson's Article about the Election: Quotes and URL

"This eerie Presidential election has been a painful experience for Gamblers. Almost everybody Lost."

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November 10, 2000

Democracy Inaction

by Mike Street

As Election Day comes and goes-and now Election Week, too-the country hangs in limbo, caught between two mediocre candidates, wondering whether we'll spend the next four years in a state of left- or right-wing boredom and political gridlock. Before Election Day, I swore I'd never condone the use of the phrase 'battleground state' again in political discourse, and now I've expanded that linguistic sanction to include 'butterfly ballot,' 'recount,' and 'too close to call.' The campaign that lasted forever, yet told us nothing worthwhile about the candidates, has become the election that lasted forever. But what has it told us about our democracy?

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November 09, 2000

Dez: Mobile Home SURVIVOR?

The following note just came in from my friend Gary...apparently he's going to be in a Survivor knockoff for a few days in a mobile home (hah hah!) at the Alabama International Auto Show from November 9-12. Update, Fri Nov 10: He appears to have either been voted off or bailed already. Unsure which.

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November 02, 2000

Ego Stroke

I have an article in the latest issue of the Perl Journal.

The article is a general description of a couple of my perl modules: Finance::QuoteHist and HTML::TableExtract.

October 25, 2000

Inefficiency Inherent in the System (Hoo-rah!)

I thought I'd copy a comment I made out on slashdot over to the toadstool. Not because I think it's particularly brilliant, but because I think it's an interesting point that does not come up all that often. (the original post, and thread, can be found here)

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October 12, 2000

Plurality of the Despot VS Tyranny of the Majority

So we had a nice, healthy drunken debate last night about the electoral system.

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October 02, 2000

Enter the Toad

The Toadstool has entered the building.

This is mostly a place to toss out random thoughts and keep in touch with friends and family.

But feel free to hop on in.